HD Real Estate is based out of Sullivan and Owensville Missouri and serves the Mid-Missouri area. Areas of expertise include residential, farm/land, commercial, multi-family, and investment properties.


HD was started by Hayden Lock and Danica Landwehr.

Hayden 573.205.1994 or haydenlock.realtor@gmail.com

Danica 314.575.2930 or danicalandwehr@gmail.com


Sullivan Agents include:

Jeff Lock 314.581.1102 or jefflock.realtor@gmail.com

Dawson Carey 573.205.6204 or dawsoncarey.realtor@gmail.com

Jannel Boast 573.368.6521 or jannelboast.realtor@gmail.com

Brenda Webb 573.259.3563 or bwebb3563@gmail.com

Kevin Miller 573.205.8889 or kevinrmiller.realtor@gmail.com 

Stephanie Ijames 573.259.0952 or stephanieijames.realtor@gmail.com 

Trina Biermann 573.205.2581 or tbiermann.realtor@gmail.com


Owensville Agents include:

Angela Ray 573.291.0437 or angelaray.realtor@gmail.com

Martha Record or 573.301.2702 martharecord.realtor@gmail.com